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The Beast - T55 version

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The movie was filmed in the Judaean desert, not far from the Dead Sea. The tanks used were ex-IDF Tiran 5. At that time (mid-late 80's) the IDF had phased out hundreds of Tiran 4 & 5 tanks due to budget cuts.

Their IDF numbers can be seen on steel plates welded to the front hull: 130300, 130545. 13#### means they were captured during the Yom Kippur War.

An IAF SA-321K Super Frelon helicopter also participated the movie. These were taken out of service in 1991.

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An ex-IDF Tiran 5 is used to depict a Soviet tank also in 'Rambo III', albeit in a much smaller role than in 'The Beast of War'. See 53:12-54:30 in the video:



An ex-IDF halftrack (upgraded with a M113A1's Diesel engine following the 1973 war) is also used, but the helicopters are not IAF ones.

AFAIK, both movies were filmed in 1987 in the Judaean Desert. Specifically, 'Rambo III' was filmed a few kms west of Ein Bokek. At least two Israeli actors have played in both movies.

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