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Adjusting Themes

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I'm in the midst of creating a new map that includes an area of forestry (that is commercially grown trees that are harvested).




I've used a "plantation" setting to give me the barren cleared look:




However I'd also like to add flexibility to the map by offering a "treed" option.


I do not want to edit the map to change the actual terrain to say "Type A" or "Type B", but just edit the existing "Plantation" to now include trees.


Ideally I'd edit the theme to create a new theme where the Plantation setting included trees. That way without redrawing the map I could have trees or no trees in a given area by applying the respective theme.


The object area of "Plantation" allows me to select "Ground cover 1" and "Ground cover 2".


The object area of "Type A" or "Type B" allows me to select a "Woods" object as well as "Ground cover 1" and "Ground cover 2".


Is it possible to add a woods object choice or am I limited to only two terrain types with Woods - Woods 1 and Woods 2?

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Yes, I know I can paint trees on. :)


What I'm after though is to create the change by editing the theme.


Apply one theme and all the "plantation" areas are wooded, apply a different theme and they aren't.


One map, two themes, as opposed to two totally different maps.


Just the same as you can use one theme to reflect Winter (snowfall) and another to show Spring / Summer on the same map.


That way if say I need to create a town, I only do it once, rather than creating it twice (once per map) and hoping they are identical.


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...at least for the moment. We are gradually moving closer to offering more flexibility here but for the moment you're limited to what Tony described.

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