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copy that ...but the pic you posted just looks like a glare shield around the one site......but what is the pimple above the gun mantle ....?....camera perhaps ? and  closer inspection shows a bunch of stuff behind the commander that is missing from your pic  96B it is

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We need some more opinions.

Plus I have a good excuse if I misidentified it I am old and my eyes dont work very well. LoL

I did think it could be a Type 3000.

 But on closer inspection I still think its the 96B.

I will bet you one virtual beer on it.


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As per Russian site - Type 96B, which is also known as the ZTZ-96B, is a variant of the Type 96A main battle tank that began its service with the Chinese army in the 90s. The Type 96B, like many other land-based weapons systems or tanks, was developed by the national defence industry’s Norinco company.

They of course, as stated in other forums, may have modified a T96-98 to compete, and try to win in the competition .

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Well aged Marko i do believe you win the giant VB woot woot with some   intensive research i was able to track down a series of photo,s and a vid confirming the tank in question as a 96 B during said research i find the differences of   96B through MBT 3000 are seemingly superficial ( exterior )  I.E. the 3000 has RC machine gun & RPG type armour ( i dont know the proper term ) as well as armour skirts  here is a couple samples      96B  /    99  / 99A2  / 3000





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