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Hello Hivemind,




How does SB select which Camo to render with which terrain scheme


I.E. Woodland goes with Temperate

Snow with Snow

Desert with Desert.


But which part of the theme does SB look for specifically? (what's the switch)

I ask because I'd like to put a Euro camoflagued tank on a desert map (Without messing around in the mods folder.)


I have a working theory about making a Euro/Temperate Theme in map editor but with more desert colours.....

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The switch is in the chosen terrain theme (THM file). A theme is always embedded in a map (=default theme), or can be chosen from the mission editor (it then gets embedded in the scenario file), but you can store presets as separate THM files. For each theme you select the type (summer, autumn, winter, or desert), then pick the textures, foliage palette, and set the mobility parameters for dry and wet conditions.

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