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I Hate Snakes !

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I've seen this happen before with rattlesnakes in S.E Colorado, damm things still can bite after death. Evil !!! Steped on one for my 30th bithday when I was all drunk out of my head and the f@cking thing cruyed around my foot and all I could do was kick as hard as I could and my boot whent flying off my foot with the snake, and I took off running back to my truck . Ever found my boot ! didnt want to go back ! Lol .


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I almost steped on a rattlesnake in S. Dakota a long time ago. I happend to look down before puting my foot down. I think either it was asleep or it may have been dead. It was coiled and never seemed to know I was there.


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Let me tell u that Ive seen a lot of snakes common to the western USA and Ived walked up on rattlers that dont rattle, snakes on animals trails that dont move is you walk by and Ive seen three times rattlesnakes floating ,coilled up ,riding the wave,lol, in lakes whe'll Im fishing for bass, the first time I throught it was a cow pie floating in the water (in the middle of the Fu@king lake) but when we got closer to it,we couldnt believe eyes it was a diamond-back rattlesnake, tryed to bite at the my fishing pole as i poked at it !!!

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