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(De)motivational Posters

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These threads always seem to degrade into:

How close can we get to pornography without breaking the rules?

I'm with Flanker on this one. Get back to weapons and other jokes, please, for the rest of us. If you say I'm being too much like an admin, it's because no one else is being much of an admin right now, and if they were, they'd delete these porn posts. So Sean, please do so. I'd make some de-motivational posters myself, but Mog's %&^#@*$ link's no help and ICHC isn't cooperating either.
Posted by Tacbat

Are you saying that you don't like Skittles? ;)

I like the edible kind.:P

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Blah blah blah... I'm too dumb to make my own posters so Im going to jump on a bandwagon and try to get some attention. hey look at me! I can post on the intrawebs! yay me!

I must have missed the pron pics. Im sure the admins here will be thrilled with your evaluations of their efforts. This site has gotten along for like 8 years without your editorial (i know, big word. Google it) help, and can probably get along fine for another 8 years without it.

Since you cant figure out how to make your own poster (which is probably the real source of your outburst) I'll help you out. Take your Ritalin and pay attention. Go to www.despair.com and click the DIY tab. Let the page load, load a picture and enter something witty (if you can)in the appropriate blocks. Save the resulting picture somewhere like www.photobucket.com and the post it here. This is tricky I know, but there are a few people here that think, with mommy and daddy's help, you will be able to figure it out. If all else fails just Google "demotivational posters" and copy something you like.

Just because its a picture with a girl in it, that doesn't make it porn. Posts can be edited for 24 hrs or so after being posted and if something is questionable then people usually receive word and correct the situation. Seeing as how this is a pretty mature crowd on this site (with certain hyperactive exceptions) material is usually self edited and consideration of the readers is given before posting.

This is the kind of crud that gets posts locked for no reason other then someone wants attention and trolling gets it for them. Grow up, dude.



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Mogwa, for the record, I do not take Ritalin. Also for the record, your stereotyping of me as ADHD is out of line. As for ADHD, the military does accept those with ADHD and it's nothing to be ashamed of really. No, I am not craving your attention or your approval, or any one else's on the forum - just expressing my views, which are not the same as someone like yourself. Ignoring me is not an option for you it seems. Let the admins be admins, Mogwa.

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Let the admins be admins, Mogwa.

Please apply that principle to yourself. Let us run things how we see fit. If you have a problem, then use the appropriate link to send a email/note. (There's a chance we might not see a problem, because we don't read every single post) Otherwise it just looks like public grandstanding on your part.

Yes, it was wrong of Mogwa to generalize or make assumptions about you. He went too far in making personal comments about you.

Some of the images are pointless and stupid. Some of them are not very tasteful. But I don't see any porn here (unless some images have been removed?). Sorry.

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