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On a related note to that related note,

I know there's a lot of flight sim and Falcon 4.0 pilots in here, so I figured it'd be appreciated (at least, by those that understand the lingo. I know the lingo pretty well except one: Darkstar... I assume it mean radar off, but it's not in the official brevity codes; EMCON is a "Snooze" call)

Dos Gringos also does "The Pilot Song" which is pretty good

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Ah, arbitrary callsign, that's why I was having trouble figuring it out. I know all the other calls in the song, that one word had me completely befuckled. I think it's the fact that he starts with SO darkstar, and the fact it's not the first word of the sentence threw me. ...but then I've had enough pilots on the horn to know they don't give a damn about proper radio procedure. And of course a "Judy" call just means target spotted and identified- it can mean either radar (NCTR) or visual identification, so it made sense to me that he was calling snooze/ WVR.

...besides, didn't he say AWACS wasn't up? (out to lunch)

...that, and 'darkstar' IS a real radio brevity code- the Navy uses it for when a star shell (Navy for illumination projo) burns out. That one always made me chuckle, since I was a 13A fire supporter and the phrase just sounds silly to me.

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Do we really want to have that discussion here and now? Really?


Now we know why the USAF likes bombing its allies.

Sigh. So it is your assertion that the USAF likes, actually enjoys, blue on blue engagements... Grow up, stop trolling.

Becauss we can...

Your comments have yet to be a useful addition to any thread on this entire forum. Grow up, learn to spell, and stop feeding the trolls.

This isn't hard guys. Post a demotivational poster or comment on one. Dont take the thread in a direction that will certainly end in a lock.

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