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Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions


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3 hours ago, ali91 said:

I won't be able to join sessions for the coming period. Will be there when I have the time for it¬¬

No problem:


You are welcome when and if you can.


3 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

FWIW, his "tonight" is in about 8 hours.



It is in the nature of these ADHOC games that we usually only really know for sure when and if they materialize shortly before they do.


But mostly they are held around 1800 GMT

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Sounds good: we have a deal - come one come all. 


ADHOC Friday. 


We will meet in the official SB TS at …. whatever time people have.


But post here if you have a preference, otherwise like DP wrote, then around 19-20 Viking Time, ie. around 17-18 GMT


OH … and I expect up to +8 participants, so if you have a good scenario, then bring it.

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4 hours ago, Nike-Ajax said:

All is good and well. 


Expect gamestart somewhere around 19-20 GMT, if we can find a hoster. I expect 2-3 scens depending on the participants wills and wishes


Will post more when I know more

Ah OK.


I'm up now (1630 GMT) - but anyway. I'll lurk in TS, just ping me when you arrive.


I can certainly host (as per previous post).


See you in 2 hours or so.

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