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Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions


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I am still at the Summer Cabin, won't be home till tomorrow.


zero midges and perfect weather


using my ancient phone to access the webpage, hence brevity.


wish you all a good day and variations thereof.

And a good game later


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Happy to offer an Ad Hoc session at 1800 GMT Saturday, for those interested.


Please just let me know within the next 6 hours if you intend to attend so I get up at the required time.


No responses - no session. :)


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OK Mark. Final test of scenario then rerady for another go when people are up for it. Adopted most of suggestions and trying out some units with alternative paths. Prelim Red Arty a bit of inf shaved off, BRDMs in pairs and think I have sorted the triggers and added CRP for RED which should arrive a little before main force

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