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Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions


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Having reviewed the AAR looks like a busy scenario. First time I have seen both sides do friendly fire and killing own (A T72 killed a Red Truck!).  Javelins did well and T72 caused Blue more casualtes than the T90s.


I see what you mean about extra platoon. I have redone with a 25% chance of them not arriving or is it better to delay arrival more. Before I release this happy to take further steer on this from all who played it. Also any other pointers? Hinds looked like they started to cause trouble for Blue and had to be stamped on quickly which is what was intended.  I will review any replies when I get back and release V3 then


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We (by that I mean “I”) ran headlong into the Hinds not realizing that was their FARP.  They literally just popped up.  They were taken out but not before they took two Bradleys and two squads of infantry out of the game.  A third Bradley was severly damaged but was able to return to action after 35 minutes.  At the end I had one Bradley and 1 1/2 squads of of infantry left (one out of four Javelins in that number).

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Ok - I have made the Hinds have engine damage which takes either 90 secs or 2 mins to repair on sighting Blue forces which equates to an emergency scramble situation. They should not pop up now as they are placed at scenario start in one of several locations so hopefully just terrain would them appear suddenly but now placed on map at start.


Shame I cannot be there for a couple of Fridays but back soon I hope

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