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Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions


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So a good if short ADHOC last night


First impressions:


  • Good framerates throughout even when we started setting houses on fire 
  • Good and smooth gameplay
  • Easy and smooth transition and use of most of my old games - I need to get my head around that Delta thing to convert my old maps, but thats purely on my end.
  • VERY pretty graphics. I particularly like the new weapon effects 
  • No major bugs or issues that we spotted on our short playthrough
  • Longer loading time than previously BUT shorter than we expected with the new maps and running it at max graphics
  • No problem in doing pause/rejoin
We are aiming on doing another ADHOC tonight somewhere around 20:30 Viking Time, so circa 18:30 GMT
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So second night in a row with ADHOCs and testing


Impressions from tonights game:


- The nights ADHOC was an interesting contrast from yesterday: where we had no problems running everything at max graphics yesterday, tonight we had to take everything below default to make it work. It would seem that this maybe goes to show that some hardware setups have no problems - I was steady around 30 Fps - while some really cant handle it

- We tried hosting from another computer which did not seem to complicate anything and worked without any noticeable issues.

- No issues with adjusting graphics ingame

- Infantry is now VERY hard to spot with the uneven terrain and thicker foliage, making the idea of taking on INF in wooded areas very dangerous and difficult indeed.

- From a superficial glance it looks as if the INF is now harder to kill with ARTY


We will try to do another ADHOC tonight around the same time

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Anyone available for a session, I have the next 3 days available. I'm open to most times day or night as I have no life outside of work. Pretty new to SB but I have completed the M1A1 tutorials 100% and most Leopard tutorials as well as a couple Kanium Sundays. Hoping to jump into some of the scenarios posted here like Company Team Bannon (loved the book).

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8 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

I can do something in 3 hours time.


In addition there is the usual BG ANZAC scheduled activity at 0830 GMT on Thursday.


Sorry about missing your reply, I went to bed after making that post! I might be able to make that work, would be 0330 for me.

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On 11/12/2019 at 10:25 PM, BCoy said:

Sorry about missing your reply, I went to bed after making that post! I might be able to make that work, would be 0330 for me.

Sorry we missed you, but I understand the lateness of the hour for you.


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I thought I would be able to make it work but unfortunately couldn't. My schedule next week won't allow me to make it but the 28th I'll be off. With any luck I can make it to that one. I've been to your website as well and am really looking forward to joining you and everyone else!

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