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Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

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Interesting event at today's Ad Hoc game:


Gibsonm is firing on an enemy Scorpion:





The round passes through one building:





and then through a second building:





and hits Chrisreb's tank:






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Its powered by Aussie strength? 


Shouldnt the sabot begin deforming  while passing through. Unless a VERY lucky salesgirl just happened to open the door? 

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Too bad Mark, you missed a Great adhoc session yesterday:


A quick HTH, where I had the misfortune of fighting against both Assasin and Colebrook who both can shoot the hairs off a flys butt at 3 km and can spot said fly if it is covering in a wood thicket at the same distance, followed by an EPIC Coop battle where I crashed from fatigue at about 0200 am Viking time at which time we had destroyed 167 enemy vehicles

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