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Upgrade to Forum software?

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I must be doing something wrong:




Is there a limit to the number of options?


Currently I'm trying to post 1 question with 5 possible answers.


Something else I'll try is changing the Poll Title - currently its the same as the post.


Tried changing the Poll Title so it was different to the post - no improvement, same error.


Will now try to just create a post with no poll (I'll manually tabulate responses).


No Poll post works!


Can you please remove:








When you get a chance.


Edited by Gibsonm

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At least when viewing the preview, the spoiler option doesn't seem to actually hide the contained text:



Darth Vader is Luke's father!


Ah, ok, it does work when the post is actually finished, so it's fine. :D

Edited by Rotareneg

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