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TGIF 2018: scenario list, discussion, and house rules

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On 11/24/2018 at 10:40 AM, Volcano said:

23 NOV scenario:


60s on the Hunt-4019a-NMU-MAD

Request for future scenarios featuring NMU ; Unit ID enabled. I know its not 'realistic' but its better than every vehicle having the same callsign painted on it!


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7 DEC scenario:


TGIF 'Hold The Line' OMU 4023 V1c



  • Draft? Yes
  • Random CO selection? Yes.


  • Avoid studying the enemy's side; only gather intel from the briefing and exposed enemy unit icons (enemy intel), and briefly looking over both sides to figure out which one you want to CO. Anything beyond that ruins the fog of war element.
  • To avoid passwords, open the scenario in Network Session as HOST and choose the side you want to play and go to planning phase. You may briefly look at both sides like this to see which side you want to play or CO on. As CO, once you choose a side, go to that side and create your plan.
  • Remember to play within the TGIF House Rules and SB.com community rules.

TGIF 'Hold The Line' OMU 4023 V1c.zip

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