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Not your usual M113. Drivers position in M113A2 vs M113A3 TLAV. Quite an upgrade!



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Pictures taken in the Golan Heights shortly after the 1967 war:


Tell Al-Azaziyat, previously considered the most intimidating Syrian frontline stronghold, has fallen into Israeli hands. It overlooks She'ar Yeshuv and Kibbutz Dafna in the Hula Valley of the Upper Galilee. The Mountains of Naphtali are seen further to the west.



Panzer IV (probably at Tell Al-Azaziyat)






M-46 130 mm guns. Before and during the war, these long range guns were used by the Syrians to shell targets as far as Safed.



Some more pictures are here.

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15 April 1945 – WW2 – Sherman tanks of the Canadian, Governor General's Horse Guards Armoured Regiment during the Liberation of ArnhemImage may contain: outdoor

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We have had our first Sunday workday today, at the GHRVPK Tank farm since the Corona crisis started.

It is nice with some life.


Mowag Eagle I



M24 Chaffee and a privately owned truck.



Centurion Mk5 2DK



M41 DK1



I have at last gotten our Steel Beast “Sim in a Leo turret” up and running.







I will be posting more about that, but I have a family visit during the coming week to handle first.


It very much ads to the environment when you have these babies passing while running the sim.






Hee, Hee, Hee, Hee. I feel all warm and tingly inside.

Happy Simming


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