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Wax Savage

New Credits Page Music

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Hey Tankers!


Just for kicks I made a credits.wav sound file to replace the credits page music. The song is the heavy metal song that has become the anthem of US Army/Marine tankers in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Song: “Bad Company” (Explicit)

Performed by: Five Finger Death Punch  


Download the attached file to your desktop.


Go to…


 C:/program/esim Games/SB Pro PE/music/


In the music file rename “credits.wav” to credits.old and save. Now copy the new credits.wav file from your desktop into C:/program/esim Games/SB Pro PE/music/


Now when you are exiting the simulation you’ll get the new music.


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38 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:

No copyright / royalty / licensing issues with this?

I downloaded the song off the band’s YouTube website using the Keepvid software. Keepvid won’t download copyrighted video/audio.

The band’s website states the song complies with the “Standard YouTube License” So they say they're not in violation. 

Per the website the song has been accessed 58,926,755 times so I guess it’s certainly out there :-)


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So 58 Million plus people are playing this and paying the band $0.00?


I think they need a new manager.


Edited by Gibsonm

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