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If you thought Black tail defense was bad ( "entertaining" presentations)

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On 28/01/2018 at 11:23 AM, Grenny said:

While cost effectiveness has some mertits...the arguments of this guy are absolutely bonkers.

yup  not to mentions some of his arguments which he tries to pass off as facts , are factually incorrect. SOmeof what he uses to pass of as "facts" are selective proof, Arbitrary weighing, and at time pure conjecture.




I agree it has  cost savig merits to an extent. but Cost alone doesn't hold merit against many of his arguments, especially if the cost effective vehicle in question is hands down inferior to whats replacing it , Or even the tanks it would see in combat at that point in time ( T64,T72, T80B series). 


its hard to assume whats going in his mind but its almost as if its war gamer logic:


M48A5/ M60A1's cost 2 resource point and have a strength of 5. M1 cost 5 resource points and have a strength of 8. If I spend 10 points on M48s or M60 I have a unit with a strength of 25. If I spend 10 points on M1 I have a unit with a strength of 16. Therefore, M48A5 & M60A1 are better! xD














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