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Apocalypse 31

DCS 2.5 Released

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certainly an interesting read nice to see the military getting 'wet' over cloud and SaaS but its not an unfamiliar story to me.

Isn't the point of that presentation to drive simplification and cost saving though? Utilising new technologies to place multiple requirements on a single modular platform?

I can see it would be a challenge for any organisation and its happening across the industry not just in the Military 


That said I don't want to hijack this thread so here is some gratuitous A4E these guys really deserve the plug 




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Yea the a4e looks really good high fidelity sim for something from the community made for free.


Although I'm a bit surprised this version of the a4e is a late mod ( given the humpback it has ecm package ) doesn appear to have a an/apr 25 radar warning reciever ( or any at all).




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