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DCS 2.5 Released

Apocalypse 31

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5 minutes ago, Marko said:

Maybe its time for a transfer to army aviation.

Even though my time in the silent service did not go well 

I sunk tons of stuff, shame most of it belonged to my side. LoL


A fun to watch DCS hind mission.



Damn thing is hard to fly but fun IMO

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On 6/28/2021 at 8:15 PM, Assassin 7 said:

Damn thing is hard to fly but fun IMO

I was considering a purchase but the learning curve seems too steep 

Don't have the time.

Might download Combined arms again and see if i can down a player controlled hind

As far as i know,  The hind cant mask so there tactic is to literally charge at full throttle.

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i bought the combined arms module with a few maps; actually creating a mission and controlling a single vehicle directly like the rest of the program is somewhat difficult to set up- it may be the years of what is basically automatic to do in steel beasts, which i think is more intuitive and has a better GUI even for an older program; stunning graphics- i am not up to date on computer games: i did not realize they had come this far- all rendered very smooth- the ambient light, shadows, , depth of field effects and the incredible amount of object detail even with some generic, repeated structures still give the impression that the map looks similar to the real location. blowing up the las vegas strip and the civilian airport is possible for a few kicks, but doesn't have the same quality of fire smoke effects in steel beasts (which were probably best viewed from the sky rather than ground level for a jet sim initially designed to be viewed from higher altitude). even just great for a drive and taking in the view for some screenshots. despite the noted criticisms of the whole system, based on what i have seen i think it is good enough that i will likely buy the ww2 ground vehicles pack with the normandy map- this is the rare case where the reverse scenario sometimes disproves the common wisdom that great graphics don't necessarily make a good game. i think enough is there even for a sim lite ww2 game, it's the graphics and the large map size which saves its bacon

















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