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KANIUM SUNDAY 11th OF FEB 1900 UTC “Battle of Ilovaisk ” By Swordsmandk
Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077
Everybody is Welcome you don't have to belong to kanium



Based on, but not accurate: 
The Battle of Ilovaisk started on 7 August 2014, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
and pro-Ukrainian paramilitaries began a series of attempts to capture the city of Ilovaisk 
from pro-Russian insurgents affiliated with the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's 
Republic (DPR) and detachments of the Russian Armed Forces. Although Ukrainian 
forces were able to enter the city on 18 August, they became encircled between 
24-26 August by overwhelming Russian military forces that crossed the border, 
joining the battle.

I. Situation


Enemy insurgent forces, supported from what we believe is russian forces, have manage to complete
the Encirclement of Ukrainian forces in Ilovaisk and friendly forces are now under siege.

DPR forces with tank support have been reported by our units currently under siege near Ilovaisk.

We beleive enemy units from 331st Airborn Regiment(RU) and ground forces from 6th Tank Brigade(RU) 
might be active in the area.

Enemy equipment might consist of elder russian tank and IFV but also more modern equipment without 
identificaton marks.


Our brigade the 92nd Mechanized Brigade, has formed 3 company tactical groups (2 of armor) to attempt to break the
siege of Ilovaisk and bring our forces back to own lines. Our HQ east of Dubove has just been hit by an
artillery strike and our commander is dead. A and B CTG commanders coordinate your plans and proceed with the attack towards
Ilovaisk or until HQ can establish radio contact. C COY will attack as planned and secure center AOR.

A(Azov) CTG (company tactical group) will attack along Dubove-Stepano corridor to secure B CTG's left flank

B(Borishow) CTG will attack along the Shakthne-Ilovaisk corridor and secure main road access to and from Ilovaisk IOT
relieve the sieged forces and evac route to Dubove.

C(Chernihiv) CTG will attack and clear the wooded and built up area in between A and B and secure it from counterattack from the east south east

II. Mission

All 3 CTG will attack their assigned corridors immidiately to relieve pressure on besieged Ukrainian forces caught in Ilovaisk. A CTG will provide flank
security from South-West approach after securing A CTG Corridor. B CTG BPT to attack and breach defensive line into Ilovaisk
when A CTG has secured flank. C CTG will attack and secure the wooded and Builtup area in between

III. Execution

Key Tasks A CTG

3. BPT SUPPORT B CTG assault on ILOVAISK and relieve UKRANIAN forces in the city;
4. BPT WITHDRAW to PIVCHE iot consolidate and replenish own forces.

Key Tasks B CTG

2. BPT ASSAULT ILOVAISK and relieve UKRAINIAN forces in the city;
3. DO NOT ASSAULT further than ILOVAISK and BPT withdraw to SHYROKE;
4. BPT DEFEND again ENY forces crossing to EAST BANK of ILOVAISK.

Key Tasks C CTG

1. BPT ATTACK towns and the wooded area Between A and B CTG;
2. Secure the area
3. DO NOT ASSAULT further than to the open ground east of the area;
4. BPT DEFEND again ENY forces crossing to EAST BANK of ILOVAISK.

End State

1. Ukrainian forces relieved from Ilovaisk
2. A CTG still combat effective. 
3. A CTG still combat effective. 
4. Shyroke secured.
4. Pivche secured. 
5. BTN fit for further operations


92nd BDE will provide 1 BTY 122 for indirect fire support

IV. Service & Support

1. Resupply and Repair near Dubove.
2. CTG own supply vehicle can provide limited ressuply effort.

V. Command & Signal
Sucession of Command: A11, B11
A CTG: 28500
B CTG: 31000

1. Misson is finished when you have secured Ukrainian forces and have withdrawn to SHYROKE and PIVCHE. Mission will NOT end automatically!!!





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As there is no Ukranian country in SB folders Swordsman are using ZA (whatever country that is).
So to install the skins drop the vehicles skins in "my documents/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/Mods/textures/Woodland/ZA.
The infantry skin drops in "my documents/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/Mods/textures/camo/Woodland/ZA.


sbprope64cm 2018-02-11 12-27-31.png



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