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T55-AM and T55AM2 Commander's cupola

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The cupola (and commander figure) of these two tanks do not follow the turret azimuth. They remain fixed facing the direction the vehicle faces at mission start, regardless of hull and/or turret movement.

In other words, if the vehicle begins mission facing east, for example, the commander and cupola remain stabilized facing east even as the turret pans and even if the vehicle travels north, west or south.


The T-55A does not exhibit this fixation.

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Revisiting this. The bug was apparently fixed some time ago on the T-55s in question. But I noticed today it also exists on the Centurion/Shot (the AI-only one). Example screenshot below, where the tank was placed on the map initially facing east, but now faces west. The cupola and TC remain oriented to the east (Commander is looking to his right). Even when an enemy is detected/engaged. 



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