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Dual Monitor in SB Pro PE


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Yes.  Open a second SB window and they will run simultaneously, but this only works for game play.  It also makes a mess of the AAR (my experience).


For mission editing a second screen wil allow you to edit the map at the same time so you can correct/improve it without closing the mission editor.  Just have to edit the map then refresh the map in the editor.

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Thanks for the quick answer. So I run two instances, load the same scenario in the editor in each instance; play one and just use the other for the map? I have just tried this and its nice to have a map but I don't think I can run two windows for one instance correct?

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Not quite.  You need to run one instance as the host and the other as a client in a network session.  This is the only way to see the map and the 3D world of a session at the same time in the same scenario.


For editing it is as I described above although I suppose you could edit on one instance and play the saved scenario on another (this would require you to restart if you made a change you wanted to see in the middle of the scenario).

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6 hours ago, dpabrams said:

OK, I guess I will have to learn how to do a network session. Ten years and I have never played another human!


Well sort of.


Its a network session that doesn't leave your house (or even computer).


1. Open 1st instance, select Network Session and then select "host".


2. Open 2nd instance, select Network Session and then select "client".


3. Connect to the host. Use as the IP address in the box in the top right corner.


4. Give the second instance a different name (e.g. dpabrams-map).


5. Pick the same vehicle as the host machine (with say a name of dpabrams) picks


6. Start session


7. Use "dpabrams" to fight the battle. Use "dpabrams-map" for the F5 / map view.


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