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I Took the Plunge


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I played the original Steel Beasts a lot many years ago, long after the 640x480 resolution would have caused me to dump another game. I just liked it too much to give it up, but I finally moved on.


I've been meaning to get into Steel Beasts Pro PE since its inception, but just never seemed to get it done.


But finally, I bought a one year license the other day. Damn, it's good to be back! I won't be giving this up again!


So now I've got a year to decide whether to buy a CodeMeter stick, or to stick with annual renewal. But one way or another, Steel Beasts Pro PE will be staying on my hard drive permanently.

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we are like hotel california, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.   I think you will find it worth it to get the  codemeter stick.   I have the stick, and altho  do not get to play it a lot, I find it a lot easier to be able to just turn it on anytime I want and not have to worry if the liscence is expired or not.

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Thanks for the warm welcome back, everyone! I downloaded the complete pack of "Camp Hornfelt" missions and "Tanks, Again", and did some reading at the links. Thanks for the tips! I now know where to find answers when I have questions, and hopefully the extra missions will help me to get back up to speed. :)


Yeah, I'm thinking that the CodeMeter stick might be my next move Renegade-623, closer to the time when my one year license runs out. :)

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Thanks for the tip, Homer! I'm retired military, and my wife is still working in the medical profession, so I have a lot of Steel Beasts time while she's at the hospital. So that 8,760 hours will likely go by pretty quick.


But if I understand it, you get an on-screen warning when you're getting close, at which point I'll either renew or buy a CodeMeter stick. This is rapidly becoming quite a hobby for me. I forgot how much I used to love the original Steel Beasts, and Steel Beasts Pro PE is everything that I always wished the original was. And with the new terrain engine coming, it should be even better.


So one way or another, I'll make sure that this sim remains on my hard drive!

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