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Problem with License

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I have a problem with my SBPRO4 License in  windows 10. After an update of w10 I can not execute SBPRO


Today appear this window when i execute SBPRO.


I suppose it has something to do with the activation of my license, and that I have to activate it again.

The dongle is connected to a USB in the tower and illuminates the led in red, I restart windows an reconect donngle to usb sometimes.


If I click on activate license I get these options


But I do not know how to proceed and I'm afraid of making a mistake.
Somebody could help me?
Thank you.


PD. Sorry for my english!!





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Last version that i had installed working fine V4.019

Yesterday i try to play and show the window error



Install new  CODEMETER SOFTWARE v6.60.

install SBPRO V4.23

But not works, same message again.


Thanks Ssnake, but I entry in your avatar but not see your email. :( Sorry.

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