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The Bears gambit: Intermission 3


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Hello everybody, as promised then here is the Intermission between Scenario 3 and Scenario 4, as well as the AAR. Next scenario in this Campaign will be held on Sunday the 4´th of March at the usual time of 2000 GMT+1, so 1900 GMT


Again thanks to everybody who made this work, including the people who were a part of the Session.  


As usually then I recommend reading the PDF


This is the Game list:




And the PDF:


BG Intermission 3.pdf


And the AAR:








The Bears Gambit




And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
And there went out another horse [that was] red: and [power] was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.”

Revelation 6:3-4


Intermission 3




By Nike-Ajax, All Rights reserved



How do you measure success?

Or more specifically: how do you measure military success in the 21´st century?

The military engagement that de facto ended the peace that Europe had enjoyed for more than half a century was by some considered a staggering and almost textbook tactical victory.

For the price of 3 MBT´s, 6 IFV´s and 2 Attack Helicopters, then the forces of JEF inflicted very heavy losses on the attacking Russian forces:

As the Russians controlled the battlespace after the fight, then exact numbers are hard if not impossible to validate. But it seems that the casualties inflicted on Russian forces far exceeded those of JEF:

An estimate backed up by passive sensors, SIGINT as well as battlefield reports, would indicated that Russia lost more than 20 MBTs, between 40 and 50 IFVs, more than 10 Helicopters and at least 200 dead with many more wounded.

This however is of little use to the 53 dead servicemen of JEF, with almost 30 more wounded. These losses are staggering to western nations, who for decades has either been fighting low-intensity COIN operations or waged wars on doctrinally and technically inferior forces, with training that lacked far behind the western opponents. The loss of two Apache gunships in itself is a hard blow, despite the fact that they inflicted very heavy losses on the enemy.

Such losses mean that strategically at least, the Russians achieved most of their goals. Especially as JEF as well as the Baltic forces, were forced to fall back in the aftermath of the battle, thus leaving the Russians in control of the battlespace, which they quickly consolidated and reinforced.

It would seem that the Russians were willing to soak up heavy losses in the pursuit of their goals. Europe it seems, not really surprisingly, is more Risk-averse. Something that in hindsight seems to have been a part of the Russian planning all along.

The Russian news in line with this paints the battle as an astounding success in a peace making campaign. They also in line with standard Russian practise seem to downplay their own losses.

Vladimir Putin in a press conference, made the following statement:

“NATO, EU and the warmongering faction of JEF, unfortunately and ill-advised have forced our hand.

We are a peace-loving nation, a non-belligerent nation in the greater commonwealth of the nations of Earth. However sadly then we can no longer sit idly by as Belligerent nations not only encroach upon our borders, but in fact attack us with not only economic and political means, but also with direct military force.

We are peace-loving, but not pacifist. And we will no longer accept attacks on Russian as a nation, nor on Russian citizens including Ethnic Russians, wherever they are. Specifically then Terrorists, war criminals and gangsters will not be allowed to hide in Lithuania anymore

Consequently I have directed our forces to create and maintain a buffer zone against aggression as well as Safe Areas for persecuted Russian minorities. We will expand these as fits the need for security for Ethnic Russians, as well as for Russia as a nation”        


From differing sources and surveys then it seems that a vast majority of Russians as well as their allied Byelorussians agree that the Russian operation was adequate and appropriate. In other words then at least for now, it seems that Vladimir Putin commands a unified country.

This is more than can be said for Europe, NATO and EU, where divisions and disagreements already present, have accelerated and become clearer. This not only divides the trans-national organizations, but in fact divides individual countries.

The idea that the engagement was a victory is thus hotly debated in both political circles, self-proclaimed power élites, news as well as in the framework of NATO and EU. Across the world the same polarizing effect has been seen, where few if any countries are willing to clearly pick sides.

Even within the nations of the JEF framework, then polemic discussion and bickering is wide-spread. However then having engaged, the JEF members have found it impossible to disengage themselves. The Baltic countries supported by a number of other countries, both formally and informally, are “exploring the possibility of seeking further protection in light of Russian aggression”.

Most analysts take this to mean that The Baltic nations are debating with the other NATO countries as well as JEF members, whether or not to evoke Article 5 of the NATO charter.

Thus, and in other words if the Baltic nations should declare formal war on Russia. This is a complex discussion, which have turned even more heated after the events near Vilkaviškis.

But so far this has mostly been held in secret and behind closed doors.    


Somewhere in Europe, in an editorial meeting within a major government owned public broadcasting company.

The mood was sombre, as the people in the meeting room looked at each other and talked in subdue voices.

None of them had expected this to happen. Or rather: none of them would ever admit to having expected this to play out the way they did.

“This is a catastrophe, no matter how you analyse it. We are all losers, but peace and understanding seem to have been the first and biggest casualties in this war that nobody wanted and nobody can benefit from.

What astound me are the actions of some other media as well as politicians:

In calling this a victory, then these unenlightened, prehistoric and nationalistic fools, are in fact making a negotiated peace more difficult.

The irresponsible idea that weapons should solve anything has no place in the 21´st century. And neither does nationalistic and probably right-wing nutjobs, which believe that a flag is worth dying and even worse killing for.

We and others like us as well as international organisations like the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group as well as UN and many other responsible entities, have for decades tried to promote international peace, commerce and peacefully uniting the world.

But the path of the righteous women and men seems always beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Not to mention the archaic ideas of nationalism, war as a political tool and conspiracy nutjobs, who seem determined to always misunderstand international policy?”

Nobody spoke, but it was clear to him that – at least in this room – there was total consensus. Now the question was how to formulate and communicate this consensus to the broad and easily misguided masses. He would never publicly admit to the last of course. But that didn’t change the fact of the matter: the people needed to be led, chaperoned and guided to what was best for them. 

Because sadly then they were easily misled by people who belonged to another century.

The editorial meeting took far longer than usual, in light of the serious context and their task. But as expected then it ended with complete consensus. Or at least the few who might be slightly misguided, dared not voice their dissent. Which was good enough for him: after all he didn’t run a dictatorship. Everybody was allowed their own opinion, within reason and limits.

After the editorial meeting was successfully concluded, then he sat down at his desk, unlocked a drawer and pulled out and opened his Rolodex. It might be old-fashioned, but at least some teenager with too much time on his hand couldn’t break into it via the internet.

He paused for a minute contemplating what he was about to do: was it right? He banished he thought as irrational: after all what he did was in a good cause and the right thing to do: who in their right mind could possibly argue with that?

His first call went out to an American billionaire, whom he met years before, and who had impressed the Editor with his visions for a peaceful world where the inhabitants tried to co-exist instead of dividing themselves apart under different banners and flags.

The billionaire listened and agreed with many of the points that the editor put forth. The Billionaire was a tough man, a self-made man, who having emigrated from East Europe years before, had not only created his own empire, but also supported the sensible solutions as both he and the editor agreed upon.

Having finished the first call, he flipped to the next name. There were many he needed to call today.    


The high-ranking EU slowly put his expensive phone back in its cradle, thinking about what the Editor had told him. He always preferred a good phone to the modern idea of a mobile. It somehow seemed more appropriate to reach real decisions and agreements over a real phone, than the mobile one.

Also he avoided the embarrassment of having leaked any number of private things from his personal mobile phone by keeping it apart from his public life, and with a secret number.

Something he with an inward laugh, thought that both his wife and mistress would appreciate.

He had no idea however that this particular landline, had been compromised by Russian Intelligence service a while ago.

 Enjoying the thought of his very young and pretty mistress for a minute, he then sat up and collected his thoughts: more pressing and serious matters needed to be attended to.

He called up a word file on his PC and started typing, while referencing several other documents. It took him around an hour before he was satisfied and called in his subordinate.

“We have a task before us. One that needs to be addressed the right way and the first time. We literally stand at the threshold to a full war.

And THAT is something we simply cannot allow.”

He paused and looked at what really amounted to his assistant, and made sure he had his full attention.

“You will take this document and make sure that it is circulated via the right channels and to the right people.

This will constitute the direction which we will try to make EU take, in avoiding further needless and irrational bloodshed.

We have the backing of the rational parts of Europe. Our task then is to marginalize the nationalists and warmongers for the greater good of Europe as well as the world in general.”

He focused on his computer again, and peripherally noticed that his assistant was still standing as if he had something on his mind. He tried to control his irritation, while refocusing on the other man:

“Yes … do you have some questions about your assignment and tasks?”

The other man looked uncomfortable as well as nervous. As he should be for not just executing his instructions, which were clear…

But found the courage to speak up nonetheless:

 “Sir .. something bothers me about this. All of this.

The older man leaned back in his chair, clearly unimpressed by the junior man’s deductive abilities.

“Well… For lack of better words then it seems too convenient. It feels like we are somehow acting according to a Russian game plan or underlying idea.

I can’t really put my finger on it, but the whole thing seems … orchestrated somehow…?”

The older man narrowed his eyes and leaned forward, while speaking slowly and deceptively gently:

“Are you somehow implying that I act in Russian interests… that I in fact am a Russian spy…?

The younger man visibly paled and started to shake his head, but before he could say anything, the older man spoke up again, this time louder:

“OR are you in fact calling me a fool, or claiming that I am blind …?

Well. I am neither and I believe you have your instructions.”

The younger man excused himself as he walked out of the office. Despite being reprimanded the he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something fundamentally wrong here.

He stopped and thought about his future, family and job. What if he was in fact wrong…?

He mulled about his options as he slowly walked back to his office. Where he sat down and looked at the pictures of his family, as he made his mind up. He drew in a deep breath, closed his eyes and opened them again. And this time he looked with determination at the file in front of him, shook his head, and picked up his private mobile phone. He knew many people, including some journalist whom he not always agreed with but who’s integrity he knew to be rock-solid.

It was time to see if it was just him seeking ghosts…


“It was as we planned.

The losses were within the acceptable parameters – the death of our soldiers are always sad, but they died for the Rodina and they will be celebrated as heroes once we have achieved Victory.”

The Russian Colonel-General lifted his eyes to the President and other powerful figures in the room. He saw no anger or recriminations, but only the comber and determined looks of the assembled men. He had been part of the plans for a long time – carefully vetted before he was allowed into the inner circle of the men shaping the future of their motherland.

Seeing no dissent and having waited for questions, he spoke up again.

“We sadly must sacrifice the pawns to win the game.

Every dead soldier is a Hero in the eyes of our Motherland, and our overall plans are running according to plans.

We sacrificed what was mostly secondary or B Class units, and despite the losses, then we not only managed to inflict heavy casualties on the Enemy, which their Medias and politicians are even now lamenting. But as planned then we managed to hold the ground and push them back. 

This is but the first move in our game of chess.

We accept a Gambit, to win the bigger game.

And strategically we are in the favourable position. NATO, EU and JEF not to mention the so-called Baltic States, all know that the Baltic cannot be held or in fact defended. They might try to fluff themselves like peacocks but we all know it’s just for show.

And that they cannot in fact stop the inevitable.”

The men including the President nodded, as they started talking about the future plans, the wheels within the wheels.

As the discussing progressed, the General was excused: he might be a part of the plan. But only a very small and selected few were part of or privy to, the overall plan.

He really had no problem with that: it was a good plan and he accepted his role in it. And the initial Operation Priyome-1 had basically worked as planned. Even though he admitted that they had incurred significantly bigger losses than he had hoped.

The shaping operations as part of the Hybrid war, was only now beginning to unfold. The west really had no idea of what was going to hit them. And still they stood divided. With that thought in mind, he smilingly left the secret location that the meeting was held in.


The soldiers of Taskforce 32 were reassembling are refitting. They knew they had won, but they also knew that it had come at a high price: both economically and in terms of their lives. And no matter how they analysed it, then the fact remained that the Russians now held the border area.

Their CO Karl Sexton had initially gone into a rage and yelled at the assembled officers and NCO´s, until his S2 had calmly and discreetly talked to him, until the Colonel left the conference room, however not before he wowed that “this is not the end of it”.

However it seems that for him at least it was.

Having made his report, then it took exactly two day before Colonel Karl Sexton was called into “consultations”. Nobody was told what was said, but it seems that the Colonel have been reassigned into what he himself termed “an important administrative function”.

However the S2 who seemed to not only be good with battlefield and military intelligence, discreetly let slip that the Colonel had in fact been transferred to a function of “Logistics Support Liaison”. Which seemingly meant that he now had the job of being project manager for the “Reassessment of future military needs with regards to non-military supplies”? The S2 without laughing made the off-hand comment that the Colonel now commanded Toilet rolls and Tampons.

Today the new CO landed in HQ.

And if the former seemed somewhat harsh sometime, then she seemed to be carved form granite tempered … for lack of better words in piss and vinegar.

If anyone thought that a woman couldn’t be tough or a soldier, then certainly no one dared to tell her.

Col. J. Eckert is a soldier’s soldier, and a Spartan in every sense of the word. An unsubstantiated rumour about her is that she was once challenged by a military martial arts instructor who said supposedly asked her if he needed her mother’s permission to lay a hand on her.

After she expertly and quickly won over him three times, he made the comment that the only reason she won was because he went easy on her because she was a woman. She allegedly then ordered everyone else from the room.

What happened afterwards no one knows, but when the rest of the pupils came back it was to an instructor who not only had a concussion, but had an arm broken in two places.

Some of the people present claimed that she then leaned down and softly said to the instructor that maybe next time she should call HIS mother, because she surely was more man than him.

For reason not entirely clear, then the instructor never raised any complaints or filed any charges against her.

The fact remains that the Taskforce have gotten a tough new commander

Something that it seems they will need soon enough, as real war seems to have started if not in name, then in reality…

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