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KANIUM SUNDAY 11th OF Mar 1900 UTC “Dahlumer Roulette Part 1 ” by Abraxas translated by Duke 
Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077

World Clock 1900 UTC

Everybody is Welcome you don't have to belong to kanium

DAHLUM 1_Kanium_4023_V3 

A reinforced tank company as delaying force against the first echelon of an attacking tank regiment. 

BLUE: Leo 2A5, Marder 1A3, M113G3/TOW (proxy for Jaguar 2) RED: T-80U, BMP-2 

time: 120min 

YOU are the company commander of 2./911 "METUSALEM"! 

Orders CDR PzBtl 911 for defense south of ELM (excerpt) 

1. situation 
a. Enemy:

RED is attacking from the EAST with point elements near OSCHERSLEBEN (15 km south-east of SCHÖNINGEN); spotted one reinforced Tank Regiment (T-80 / BMP-2). Intention: Taking the Strait of SCHÖPPENSTEDT - WINNIGSTEDT (10 km south) and continuation attack with 2nd Echelon (Div).

b. own: 

PzBrig91 will defend with 3 BNs in line, main effort in the centre, on line RÄBKE - EITZUM - BARNSTORF - WINNIGSTEDT 
delay 1st Echelon (Div) and dismiss attack latest on FEBA; 
Destroy, under frontal bind, enemy 2nd Echelon (Div) by counterattack in their flank. PzBtl 911 situated in the centre, main effort, is currently set up for defense between EITZUM and BARNSTORF. 
3rd company, PzGrenBtl 912 (3./912) 
in cooperation: 1 tankhunter platoon (PzJg) 1 SPAD (self propelled air defense) platoon 

2. mission: 
PzBtl 911 

- cover recon patrols EAGLE11 and EAGLE 14 from 900th armored recon company (PzAufklKp 900) along passage lanes (LANE A, LANE B); 
- afterwards delay enemy forces about 90min, together with right neighbor PzGrenBtl 912, 
- canalize enemy 1st Echelon (Div) to area GROSS DAHLUM - WOBECK - DOBBELN – INGELEBEN and defeat 1st Echelon (Div), 
- then bind 2nd Echelon (Div) frontal, to create the conditions for the counterattack of BrigRes in the flank of the enemy 2nd Echelon (Div) and their destruction. 

3. execution: 

PzBtl 911 delay enemy 1st Echelon(Rgt) with a company size force (armor heavy), Block enemy attack with 3 companies in line, main effort centre, and an armor heavy reserve. 

2./911: - attachments: 

1 PzGren platoon from 3./912 (2x MILAN-Team), 
1 tank hunter platoon(PzJgZg), 
1 SPAD section, 
2 Ambulance, 2 ARV , 1 supply platoon (Ammo) 

- cover recon patrols EAGLE11 and EAGLE 14 from 900th armored recon company (PzAufklKp 900) along LANE A and LANE B; 
- delay enemy for the next 90 min, prevent enemy forces to infiltrate ELM and canalize enemy forces to main effort of our BN (centre); 
- continuity of delay action with left and right neighbor; 
- withdraw on order along LANE N, LANE M and LANE S to the area of Res; 
- attachments are canceled after passage of BHL; 
- prepare to be BN Res in the area of TRAIN STATION SCHÖPPENSTEDT after resupplying... 

3./911: ... 
- secure from X+45 south of INGELEBEN and over watch and cover withdrawing of elements 2./911 along LANE S; 

4./911: ... 
- secure from X+45 eastern part of GROSS DAHLUM and over watch and cover withdrawing elements of 2./911 along LANE M; 

3./912: ... 
- secure from X+45 ca. 2000 north of GROSS DAHLUM in ELM and over watch and cover withdrawing elements of 2./911 along LANE N; 
- prepare to defend EITZUM with dismounts; 

4. service support: 
battalion aid station (BAS) at HOSPITAL SCHÖPPENSTEDT, combat trains (CBT TNS) at western part of SCHÖPPENSTEDT, maintenance collection point (MCP) at TRAIN STATION SCHÖPPENSTEDT 

5. leading elements 
radio silence with exception 2./911 
brevity list: ALPHA - MIKE 
BN HQ southern part of SCHÖPPENSTEDT 

time: 120min 

Remarks on the situation: 
weather: muggy-warm and thunderstorm tilt; 
terrain: dry 
BLUE: Ammo and Fuel 100% 
13x Leo2A5, 3x Marder with 2x MILAN-Teams, PzJgZg (Tank Hunter platoon) 
You can move the elements of reinforced 2./911 in the assembly area (marked with a dashed blue line). 
Arty: 6 platoons à 4 tubes (HE, smoke, ICM, FASCAM) 

Main effort first by delaying force 2./911, FASCAM (self-destruct: 45 min) released for it; 
More details according to blocking and fire plan (TRIGGER!). 

RED: strength ca. 85%; T-80U, BMP-2, amongst other 

Good luck ! 

This scenario is based on a tactical challenge during a tactical further education of the german army.




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Hi guys,


this is the first mission of 4.

We start with a delay mission to stop the first echelon of an attacking tank regiment and to give our bn time to dig in.

In mission 2 we defend with a tank company (situated in the centre of our BN defense, main effort). We will facing the 2nd echelon of the tank regiment.

Mission 3 is the same time but we play the PzGren coy to the left of the tank company from mission 2.

In mission 4 we are the bn reserve (former delaying force) have to resupply and to prepare different task. One task can be a counterattack to destroy the 2nd echelon in front of our bn.


Here the map from mission 2 with the BN plan. You can see our BN is in position. So we will fight together.


Have fun




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