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ArmA 3

Game Mode: Patrol Operations 4 (Altis)

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217518335


Speak with locals, gather information on the enemy. Seek and destroy insurgent forces and gather intelligence that unlocks missions around the island. Here is a video of my action'ing on some information provided to me by the locals in a nearby village. 



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This might be my game of the year. Don't let the looks full you - this game requires teamwork and coordination. 


Insanely fun cooperative shooter (much like a first person version of Helldivers). Players rely on their unique classes to complete missions in a fully destructible and procedural generated map. 

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Hi Nike,


Sure!  Will send PM via Steam, here or Discord (need you´re alias #).


I do plan to update SB Pro PE, either next month or the one after that.  It´s been a hard year start, and now I have some unaccounted expenses (COVID-19 cough my mother - RIP) and personal issues to attended, so I might not be all that focused on gaming.

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1 hour ago, Ingolf said:

Ready or not seems like a waste to me.

I need a 3D-shooter that is considering every meter I take,,, :)

Like Raven shield. Love it. Thanks for posting the updates, Red!

My pleasure 👍


With Ready or Not, I hope the campaign is better. PvE/Coop might be better, who knows, but PvP is what it is as in most of these games.



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9 hours ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

1. That RvS Mod looks amazing.


2. The ground branch roadmap seems underwhelming


3. Ready or Not doesn't look good. At all.


1. I agree (wish it would have been co-op too).

2. I will belive it when done!  Last update was, I can´t remember! So quite so time ago.  There not being to productive, just tweaking, changing things that are already done (UI ect.), and adding more guns and such.  Two new maps that are empty, but no signs of how a single mission will be, or a campaign for that matter!

3. What is shown looks poor, but can´t say much till we see more.

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