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5 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

Same. I really hope its a voice-command style game. Would be fun to have a game where you're yelling commands within a tank

As long as your neighbours are cool about it 😁


TBH, I wish I had a tank last night! They don´t get roudy to often so I let it slide but they woke me up at 4am!


This also popped up...



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Caliber gets it´s NA servers up and running. NA servers live now!


The SOCOM of 2021.





I play it quite alot, I like it and can be Immersive.  Almost everybody plays as a team in PVE, you wont win the match if you don´t, play your role for a team win.  So far I have all 4 Polish operators and didn´t pay a dime.




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6 hours ago, Red2112 said:

From the same dev (Helios Productions) as Black Day. He is dropping support/development for Black Day, if you have a copy of Black Day, you will recieve a free copy of Black One Blood Brothers...




This looks good.

I'm feeling Ghost Recon 1 vibes

Hopefully it has coop.

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4 hours ago, Red2112 said:


I hope so too.


GB joins MicroProse...



Doesn't matter. This game is luke warm; in development for 12 years and still a long way to go.


Also, has Microprose actually published anything lately? I know they're signing on tons of developers on but none of which have shown any results.

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New update for the EFT SP mod. The SPT-AKI v1.30 is now compatible with the latest version of EFT v0.


Mod link:



To Install:

- Copy your EFT folder and paste it in a new directory (I used a different hard drive). Copy whats inside of the downloaded mod folder (SPT-AKI v1.30) and past it inside your new EFT folder.

- Run the Server EXE (don´t close it), then run the Launcher EXE. found in your new EFT folder. You might be prompt to download and Install windows runtime desktop (.NET), choose x64 if running W10. Once you launch the launcher, it will prompt you to create a user and a password, choose anything you like, you will also need to choose what version of EFT to play. That´s it!


Works like a charm.


Have fun!

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