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More like when Lockdown, or  Vegas was released in my opinion.  They already had a event called Outbreak in R6 Seige which was similar to this BS, they just could have gone with a new IP and let the franchise die with R6 Seige, but no Ubicrap just needs to farm the same crap over and over again!


RIP R6...

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Red Solstice 2: Survivors, a real-time X-COM, twin-stick sort of shooter. Some Starcraft 3 in there too. I like that it has a 8 player coop mode too, along with s single player campaign with 15 missions and 20 side missions. Iam up for the coop on this one.


On sale at Green Man Gaming (28% off):





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5 hours ago, Red2112 said:

Vegas was released in my opinion

I didn't think Vegas 1/2 were that bad. Yeah, the wardrobes were a little weird with all of the baddies looking like robocop, but there were still great AI mechanics and application of tactics

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