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KANIUM SUNDAY 18th of Mar 1900 UTC “Wietzendorf” by Kingtiger

Major duck

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KANIUM SUNDAY 18th of Mar 1900 UTC “Wietzendorf” by Kingtiger
Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077

World Clock 1900 UTC


Everybody is Welcome you don't have to belong to kanium

Kanium attack with 3 tk plt and 2 mech plt plus recce against a small town in uncertain enemy situation during cold war (1989) 
Weather light rain and 2km LOS.

a) Area of Operations
1) Terrain: Forested area with open fields around it, small hills and small lakes crossing the area with a small river going NORTH to SOUTH and cuts through the AO with a mix of different bridges spanning from 10t bridges to 110t bridges.
2) Weather: Around +8 to +9C during the morning with heavy clouds and light rain, later during the morning the temperature are expected to rise to around +15C and clouds cracking up to medium cloud and some sun. LOS are estimated to be around 2km and improving when the rain stops.

b) Enemy:
1) Enemy composition has so far been T-72 and BMP-2 with BRDM in recon and Anti-tank role. This mean its vehicles without TIS but with ATGM’s can reach for as long a they can see.
2) Most likely COA is that they are resting and refueling in WIETZENDORF and will attack EAST as soon as they are ready. Most dangerous COA is that the enemy initates the attack west before we manage to destroy them.

c) Own:
Our Brigade has been in heavy contacted this week and has been withdrawn to Division reserve to recover and regain strength for further operations. Our battalion's losses has been fairly light with only 15-20% losses and therefore we have the priority tasking of Division reserve.
A small KampfGruppe (Combat team) has been pulled together for this mission but did not have time to fuel and bomb up so we are lacking on both ammo, fuel, food and water, which logistics will have to fix to us later on.

The infantry battalion (On map Juliet and Kilo COY with Lima COY eliminated around WIETZENDORF) have sealed of NORTH and SOUTH of WIETZENDORF and will take over the frontline once WIETZENDORF are taken. Right now Juliett COY are holding SUROIDE area and blocking to the EAST and SOUTH where they have destroyed a BRDM in the minefield. They have put out a hasty minefield on the road leading to WIETZENDORF and marked it with mine warning signs on friendly side of it. 
Kilo COY down to 2 platoons are holding south of WIETZENDORF around MARBOSTEL and have not been in any contact last 12 hours. 
Friendly (AI) recon (R2) are positioned to observe roads leading EAST of WIETZENDORF and have not spotted anything since they arrived 6 hours ago.
Both companies have been under sporadic artillery fire so the enemy know their location.

TOE Kampfgruppe:

HQ: CO,XO and 1 FO (leo2A4)
3 x 3 Tank platoons (Leo2a4)
1 CSS platoon of 1 ARV and 1 MED
2 x 3 Mech Platoons (Marder 1A3)
2 x 2 Recon troops (Luchs 2A2)
1 x 4 CSS Platoon (2 Ammo and 2 MED trucks)
2 x 3 155 Battery with HE, SMK and ICM (off map)

Attack to destroy enemy forces in WIETZENDORF.


Concept of the Operation: Attack along ROUTE BERLIN to destroy enemy forces in WIETZENDORF. Thereafter, defend REDDINGEN until Infantry forces can relieve you in place.

Commanders intent: 

Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to destroy the enemy capability to attack further WEST and to close the gap in the frontline EAST of WIETZENDORF.

Key tasks: 
1) Attack along ROUTE BERLIN
2) Destroy enemy forces in WIETZENDORF
3) Establish defensive positions around REDDINGEN, oriented East
4) BPT conduct a relief of defensive positions with follow-on forces

End state
Terrain: REDDINGEN is defended by friendly forces
Enemy: Enemy forces in WIETZENDORF are destroyed
Friendly: Task Force has sustained no more than 50% losses, and is ready for follow-on operations

a) Medical
Tank Company have 1 APC ambulance, after that the Kampfgruppe have 2 ambulance trucks, and if worse come to worse we can move to J COY's aid station. EPOW are handled per SOP.

b) Logistics 
Kampfgruppe never had time to refuel/restock ammo so 2 ammo trucks from Battalion CSS has been attached to bomb up when there is time for it. Fuel is not available at this time and will be brought up when its available together with food and water. The tank Coy have done a crossloading between tanks so all tanks average 20 APFSDS and 6 HEAT at the moment.

Per Kanium SOP:
CO = 66
XO = 65
P = Indirect fire/FO
A1,A2 etc. In platoon A11 Plt leader, A12 wingman, A14 Plt Sgt.
A = Tanks
B = Mech
R = Recon
H = Logistics

a) Priority TRP: there are 5 of them that can be moved during planning phase, once game started it's to late.

Author: Kingtiger
Version: 0.1
Date: 2017.01.16



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1 hour ago, Furia said:

For this scenario I like your skins better



Well thanks. Were the dunkel gelbs still around in 89? What Snorri has done is redraw  the entire skin in 2048, complete with normals and speculars. The detail is very well done even down to the welds (look at the skirts). I found this skin when I joined Pzr Btl 911. It's the only skin I find at the site. I don't know who this guy is but his work is A++.

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Thanks Major and to the Kanium chaps for setting up another good one. The map was nice and the force mix, accurate and historical. I am serving 5 minutes in the penalty box for a blue on blue with Chrisreb/Connaugh. Fortunately I didn't scratch them. The battle turned into a 360 degree brawl and I was a little overwhelmed.



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Tha was an intense mission.


Well done OPFOR. !!!!!


Our platoon destroyed around 13 enemy vehicles mostly tanks but we were cought in a crossfire in a very nice planned kill zone and we were all destroyed in a short time.


I have enjoyed fighting along my Spanish colleagues, Colebrook and Red2112.


Thanks to the organizers and scenario creator for the event. Looking forward to the next one.

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