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Kanium Sunday  April 1st. 1900 UTC - Elvis Ringing the doorbell by Zipuli 

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Kanium Sunday  April 1st. 1900 UTC - Elvis Ringing the doorbell by Zipuli 
Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077
Everybody is Welcome you don't have to belong to kanium


Old modified Zipuli mission with opfor added.... 8)


Briefing will be updated tonight


Mech TF CO's orders to you:


Enemy 63rd Mech Rifle Regiment is attacking south-west via the Highway 6. Its forward units are already in battle with our InfBn107. The Bn should be able to hold out for one more day - but then a breakthrough is possible. The regiment has covered its left flank with quite strong detachment (we believe around 2 companies of Mech Infantry + possible tank detachments, possible guarding the whole Division's flank!). The detachment has already conducted recon by fire against our Jäger Bn 101 suffering minor casualties.

Jäger Bn has moved in to block the enemy flank guard units from advancing further west. 1. MechTF has moved to the area and has suffered casualtied from enemy air attacks. 1st Co+ (ELVIS - you!) has reached R15 (Ref Point 15) and is ready to attack north. Armoured Recce platoon (EYE) is already in the objective area giving out info on the enemy.

1st MechTF attacks north towards Highway 6 and destroys enemy flank guard units. Attack must begin ASAP. After defeating the flank guards the TF will attack the Regiments flank to release the pressure on InfBn107 and to allow further counter-attacks by other friendly forces.

Commander's mission to subordinates (in the area):
1st Co (ELVIS):
Attack to R19 - secure the area and be prepared to continue north towards R31. Destroy any resistance you run into - enemy is believed to have ~platoon size "doorbell" force in the village. After reaching R19 Mech Inf-Platoon (ARROW) will move in and hold the area while you continue the attack.

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Unlikely, I forgot this is 1900 UTC so I should get a good 10 hours kip between the end of RT and the start of this. :)


Update: Except it isn't of course as it now CEST.


2000 CEST = 1800 GMT = 0400 AEST.


Ah well another early morning.


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Can you confirm the start time?


The original post says "April 1st. 1900 UTC" but the link resolves as 1800 UTC?


2000 CEST = 1800 GMT / UTC = 0400 AEST.

I don't really want to be there an hour early if it actually is "1900 UTC". :)


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45 minutes ago, Red2112 said:

Good fun as always, thanks guys!


As Alpha 22 with Task Force Bravo...




Yep thanks for nothing. From the other video thread:


3 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:


Can you please Ask BEFORE you record??!!


You have now recorded my voice (I presume inadvertently) and I'm not allowed to let that happen. :( :(


It appears the only way I can prevent this from happening is to stop visiting and hosting Kanium events in future.


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Thanks, I've added that response as well as the earlier deletion to my report.


As for my future involvement supporting Kanium that will depend on the outcome of the paperwork I've had to submit as part of this Breach.


Its far better for me to advise the relevant people up front than them coming after me at some point in the future.

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3 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

Did you also tell them you use your first name, last name, military rank, and Army branch on these forms?


That's fine as long as I use the disclaimer in the signature block.


Being recorded without my permission is a whole different story.


I can attach the 30 page policy if you want to check my work.



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Post the link. I always enjoy reading regs and policy. 


I don't understand if it's a Public Affairs thing (not sure how playing a video game can violate) or a  PERSEC / OPSEC issue, in which case wouldn't make sense, since your are already providing indicators about your identity.

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Its is interpreted as a "public statement by a Snr Officer" and they need to be made by authorised people (I'm not).


95% of the time it would be fine but if someone asked "What do you think about the F-35 purchase?", or "What do you think about the LAND 400 purchase?" or any many of topical sibject then an off the cuff response (because no one said they were recording) would be an issue.


The relevant para:


"When Defence personnel engage in commentary on social media within their professional expertise and are identified or identifiable as Defence personnel, this is a form of official communication. In these cases, subparagraphs 22.a. to h. of DI(G) ADMIN 08-2 – Use of Social media by Defence personnel apply to their engagement with social media. Additionally, Defence personnel must provide a suitable disclaimer, such as ‘The views expressed are mine alone and do not reflect the views of the Department of Defence.’"


So a post here (with the discalaimer) is fine, depending on what say of course. 


If I know someone is recording I can either not say anything or be very careful.


If I don't know someone is recording and find out later - the paperwork starts, regardless of what I said.

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