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The Return Of The T-80.

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It looks like the russians have decided to upgrade a number of there stored T-80's

It will be designated T-80-BVM,

Same gas turbine engine as the original, but with improvements in fuel consumption.

Also, installed "Relikt" ERA, PNM Sosna-U gunner sight (as in the T-90, T-72B3), upgrades of various other systems.









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57 minutes ago, Nate Lawrence said:

Any transmission changes?

Still looking for more reliable info Nate.

But i reckon the T-80 got a bad rep after the whole Chechnya debacle 

From what i can make out the upgrade will address most of what was wrong with the previous variants of the T-80.

And will give the Russian army a decent tank that's still under fifty tons with a decent armour package. 

Its a very fast tank and with a decent fire control system including a thermal camera and the ability to fire ATGM.

IMO,It could still pose a potent threat on the modern battlefield





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So they Upgraded the T80BV's but what about the T80U's? no upgrades for those?


and yeah the T-80 despite its reputation from Chechnya was the better tank than the T-72 family of the time. Largely due to better FCS, and better mobility Amazing mobility that the turbine provide.


good idea to upgrade these tanks up to more modern specs, and keep them around instead of retiring them.



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