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KANIUM SUNDAY 8th OF April 1800 UTC "Dahlumer Roulette Part 2" by Abraxas translated by Duke 
Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077

World Clock 1800 UTC

Everybody is Welcome you don't have to belong to kanium
Everyone is allowed to play but leave the drama at the door


YOU are company commander of 4./911. 

Orders CDR PzBtl 911for defense south of ELM 
1. situation 
a. enemy: 
RED is attacking from the EAST with point elements near OSCHERSLEBEN (15km south-east of SCHÖNINGEN); spotted 1 reinforced Tank Regiment (T-80U / BMP-2) in 1st Echelon (Div). 
Intention: Taking the STRAIT of SCHÖPPENSTEDT - WINNIGSTEDT (10km south) and continuation attack with 2nd Echelon (Div). 
b. own: 
PzBrig 91 will defend with 3 BNs in line, main effort in the centre, on line RÄBKE - EITZUM -BARNSTORF - WINNIGSTEDT, delay 1st Echelon (Div) and dismiss attack latest on FEBA. 
Destroy, under frontal bind, enemy 2nd Echelon (Div) by counterattack in their flank. 
PzBtl 911 situated in the centre, main effort, is currently set up for defense between EITZUM and BARNSTORF. 
attachments: 3rd company PzGrenBtl 912 (3./912), 1 tank hunter platoon (PzJgZg) 
in cooperation: 1 SPAD (self propelled air defense) platoon 

2. mission 
reinforced PzBtl 911:
- cover recon patrols EAGLE11 and EAGLE14 from 900th armored recon company (PzAufklKp 900) along passage lanes (LANE A, LANE B), 
- afterwards delay enemy forces about 90min, together with right neighbor PzBtl 912, 
- canalize enemy 1st Echelon (Div) to area GROSS DAHLUM - WOBECK - DOBBELN - INGELEBEN and defeat them,
- then bind 2nd Echelon (Div) frontal, 
to create the conditions for the counterattack of BrigRes in the flank of enemy 2nd Echelon (Div) and their destruction.

3. execution 
Intention CDR PzBtl 911:
- reinforced PzBtl 911 will delay enemy 1st Echelon (Rgt) with an armor heavy force, 
- Therefore defend in such a way, that with long range weapons, artillery and obstacles as well as flanking fire, RED is weakened early and channeled into the center (main effort) of our defense.
- block enemy forces flexible and
- defeat enemy with all available units by flanking fire.

2./911 (B/911): 
- after delay new BN Res:
- supply after arriving in area of Res immediatly;
- prepare as BN Res: 
o reinforce 3./912 in bp 10; 
o stop enemy from bp 11; 
o counterattack BLOW against enemy in front of 3./911 and 4./911; 
o counterattack STITCH against enemy in front of 4./911 and 3./912; 

3./911 (C/911): 
- detachments: 1 tank platoon to 3./912; 
- in cooperation with tank hunter platoon (PzJgZg) and 1 SPAD vehicle; 
- secure from X+45 south of INGELEBEN from bp 3S and over watch and cover withdrawing elements of 2./911; 
- defend southern area of defense along bp 3, 6 and 9; 
- engage blocked enemy forces in front of 4./911 and 3./912 with flanking fire;
- be prepared to support counterattack STITCH;
- no obstacles in the area of STITCH.

4./911 (D/911): 
- main effort;
- attachments: 1 PzGren platoon from 3./912; 
- in cooperation with 1 SPAD vehicle (under BN lead); 
- secure from X+45 eastern part of GROSS DAHLUM bp 2S with a tank section; 
- over watch and cover withdrawing elements of 2./911; 
- engage enemy early from bp 2;
- defend centre of area of defense along bp 2, 5 and 8; 
- block enemy forces, possibly with BN Res, latest from bp 8;
- support counterattack of BN Res from bp 2.

3./PzGren912 (C/912): 
- attachments: 1 tank platoon from 3./911; 
- detachments: 1 PzGren platoon to 4./911; 1 PzGren platoon to 2./911(back subordinated after delay);
- secure from X+45 ca. 2000 north of GROSS DAHLUM in ELM, bp 1S; 
- over watch and cover withdrawing elements of 2./911; 
- engage early enemy point forces from bp 1;
- defend northern part of our area of defense along bp 1, 4 and 10; 
- over watch and block with preferably less forces western forest area of ELM; 
- hold EITZUM possibly with support from BN Res; 
- engage blocked enemy forces in front of 3./911 and 4./911 with flanking fire; 
- support counterattack BLOW from bp 1; 
- no obstacles in the area of BLOW.

tank hunter platoon: … ...

4. service support 
- battalion aid station (BAS) at HOSPITAL SCHÖPPENSTEDT, mobile health team for delay by 2./911 ; 
- combat trains (CBT TNS) north- western part of SCHÖPPENSTEDT, parts of CBT TNS attached to delay force 2./911 (ammo, maintenance); 
- maintenance collection point (MCP) at BANSLEBEN

5. leading elements 
- radio silence with exception 2./911; open radio after start of defense
- brevity list: ALPHA - MIKE ; 
- BN HQ: southern part of SCHÖPPENSTEDT ; 

Remarks on the situation: 
- Ammo and Fuel 100%, exception delaying forces ca. 50%, 
- Equipment: Leo2A5, Marder1A3, M113G3DK/TOW (proxy for JAGUAR), 2S6 Tunguska proxy for GEPARD (=CHEETAH) and STINGER
- arty: 6 platoons à 4 tubes (HE, smoke, ICM, FASCAM) 
- SPAD units additionally equiped with STINGER
- priority of fire first by delaying force 2./911; FASCAM (self destruct: 30min) released for it; More details according to blocking and fire plan (TRIGGER!); each company has 1 FO.
- strength: ca. 85% 
- Equipment: T-80U, BMP-2, 

initial situation: 
Attack of 1st Echelon (Rgt) stopped in the area of TWIEFLINGEN - HOIERSDORF - SÖLLINGEN. Enemy forces had heavy losses and preparing a hasty defense. 
The 2nd Echeleon (Rgt) will attack shortly with 2-3 Tank-/MechInfBN. We think main effort will be in front of 3./911 and 4./911, possibly secondary attack against 3./912.
911 delayed succesfully without appreciable losses. Delaying forces withdraw with last elements and started resupplying. Currently no enemies spotted in front of PzBtl 911.
4./911: - centre area and full resupplied;
- 910th armored engineer company (PzPiKp 910) finished preparation of vehicle emplacements. ( You can move the emplacements in the assembly area );
- Arty fire 9153, 9154, 9156, 9157 u. 9158 (self destruct 30min) retrievable via FO ( TRIGGER );
- BN Res shortly retrievable in bp 11 to support ( TRIGGER );
- your callsign: LONG PIPE
It`s now: X + 100 !

NOTE: You can move your units in the assembly area of 4th company!
After mission START you have 5min to go in position, after 5min the RED script will start. 
Mission time: 70 minutes!
The marked battle positions (bp) 1-11 in the overlay orders are the intention of your BN CDR to show his continuity of defenses. 
The real battle positions of the tanks or IFVs can deviate up to 500m!
If you want to fall back with your company, you have to make a request to your BN CDR ( TRIGGER )!
Follow the situation development from your neighbors ( CHATBOX ) !

Good Luck! 

This scenario is based on a tactical challenge during a tactical further education of the german army.



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