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Scimitar WIP


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Upgraded an old skin i had of the Scimitar a WIP atm, will be doing a new woodland camo soonish, any sugestions or flak appreciated, all the Best Wardog. PS still clean may dirty her later tbo im not that great at adding the dirt, just throwing it, lol, but will have a go.


RS 001


RS 003


WDF 01


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give credit where credit is due: very good base to start. you difd well aligning the pattern across the different parts.


adding weathering definitely improves the color depth and makes it look less surreal and cartoonish. as with anything, this is a practice opportunity, and over time

your technique gets better with less effort. here is a base noise and dirt layer i tried which took less than four minutes. if spent more time i could add things like more dirt, oil and water stains.

i would aslo break up and fade the unit numbers (fade the borders where they overlap the other colors, and overall more faded generally) as they appear a bit too stark. keep going-





26715263977_84cdfd046c_b copy.jpg

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Ye'h know what you mean, took for a test drive like a spinning top kind of may do a version with all one colour, still a wip, the dirt will come in time. As for adding noise its ok but ruins the paintwork too much, will do it the old and slow way and keep going. All the best, folks.

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