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Open Playtest of 'South African Border War' type Scenario, SADF meets FAPLA at the river Lomba. (based on these events; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cuito_Cuanavale)

TGIF style format H2H, map updates on. 100 minutes. (Large Forces)

All welcome, meeting time in TS for this event is 2.5hrs PRIOR to TGIF meeting time.



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Thanks for the opportunity.


I think the list was:


1. Make contour interval selectable by the player.


2. Edit the "sides names" in the Editor to include the colours in the name (SADF becomes Blue - SADF, etc.)


3. Detail the weapons that the Infantry have.


4. Highlight the major walls that the AI is likely to get hung up on.


5. Prevent the helos from spotting for Artillery (make them blind or some other option).


6. Perhaps stress that the river crossing (even with vehicles that can swim) can be problematic and may need micro-management of individual vehicles.


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