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Control Logic Question, Friendly forces and allied parties

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Control Logic Question, Friendly forces and allied parties


So, in the below screen shot


Does "Friendly" forces include Allied Party forces?




If it does it's kinda F**ked my plan up.

Is there a way to determine "Own party only" forces?

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Simple question.


Did you try it?


Put two "allied" units in the region and see what happens?


You can use the Mission Debugger (under the File menu) to determine if a Condition has been met or not.

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Personally, I don't think it does, but the only way to be sure is to have a test region where you spawn an allied green unit, and have an event tied to "friendly forces in region X" which would then display a success message. If the message never comes before you drive with your own blue vehicle into the region, you will know.

Please tell us, here.

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Are Allied parties counted as "friendly forces"


Actual result = Yes. (Bollocks)


Findings attached. (Test Screen Shot Zip)

Green unit allied to Blue enters Blue test, condition "Operational Friendly forces in test blue region > 1" = TRUE

Articles 5 & 8 prove this for Blue and Green parties respectivly


Request to  eSim

Add "Own Party Only" Units option to condition logic and event logic setup dialog



(Why I would like this option)

Enables "allied" units to become hostile/enemy to "own party" units entering adjacent territory.


Blue unit enters Green Area.

Green becomes hostile to Blue (Using "Own Party" condition above and the "Allied if" / "Enemy if" dialog)

Blue remains Allied to Green

Blue Surviving units leave Green Area.

Green becomes Allied to Blue.


Represents unauthorised boundry crossing being met with "Friendly Fire"


However this condition would not respect AO boundaries.

I.E. If Blue unit A crosses boundary and Blue unit B does not but both Blue unit A & Blue unit B are visible to Green unit A.

Blue Unit B could be engaged by Green unit A, if Blue Unit A crosses boundary.

(See Graphic Below)



Or a more controlled option would be if only units crossing the boundary into the forbidden area are to be engaged, but that would need changes to TC spotting / fire control logic.



Test Screen Shot.zip

Demo Graphic.jpg

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