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KANIUM SUNDAY 20th OF MAY 1800 GMT "Operation Maple Resolution" by Apocalypse

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KANIUM SUNDAY 20th OF MAY 1800 GMT "Operation Maple Resolution" by Apocalypse

Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077

World Clock 1800 GMT (Same time as always)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded w. video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel


Everybody is Welcome you don't have to belong to kanium




Operation Maple Resolution
by Apocalypse


Insurgent forces have taken control of the Baghlan Valley. They are using the town of Banabrok as a base of operations, and have established control over the farmlands that spread north through the valley leading to Bara Kul. Local security forces were routed from the area, and a Canadian task force from Lord Strathcona was called to the area to regain control of the situation.

Most recently, insurgent forces captured a group of aid workers, who were providing agricultural support to farmers in a small village north. We believe they are in imminent danger, and insurgent forces are threatening to kill them if they aren't rescued immediately.

The insurgents in this area are heavily armed; they operate 8x platoons of T-55A tanks and 2x platoons of light-fighters armed with small arms, RPGs, HMG, LMGs, and older ATGMs. The insurgents have the ability to conduct deliberate reconnaissance through the use of sympathetic locals, and also maintain the capability to deliver indirect fires through the use of 81mm mortars.

There are no civilians present in the area, most have fled in the recent weeks.

II. Mission.

Conduct an attack to clear insurgent forces from Baghlan Valley.


III Execution.

a. Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to restore order, bring stability in this region of Bekistan, and support the legitimacy of the Bekistan government and Bekistan security forces.

b. Key Tasks
1. Locate and free the aid workers - evacuate them to Bara Kul
2. Clear insurgent forces from Banabrok

c. End State
i. Terrain. Banabrok is cleared
ii. Friendly: Friendly forces are established in a hasty defense; prepared for future operations
iii. Enemy: Insurgent fighters are defeated or destroyed; unable to influence the population through offensive operations
iv. Civilian: Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life.

d. Fires
4x Tubes of 120mm Mortar (organic)

IV. Service and Support
2x Supply Trucks
1x Repair Track
1x Medical Track
1x CH47 (evacuation of civilians)

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Slight adjustment:

Due to unforeseen good weather, visits by in-laws, wifes screaming for attention and other valid reasons, then our manning is a bit on the low side for tomorrow.


Therefore we will roll a scenario which is more in line with the actual manning we have. No drama, no problem the originally scheduled operation will be postponed.





1. Situation

An enemy mechanized infantry company (BMP1) supported by T-55 tanks is defending OBJ BEAR.
    1.a. Maneuver.                Composed of 2x MECH INF Platoons and 1x T-55 platoon in support.
    1.b. Reserves.                1x Company (6x) T-55 tanks in reserve that will support their defense
    1.c. Fires.                Have the capability to call for fire from a nearby battery of 3x 152mm artillery tubes to support their defense.
    1.d. Countermobility    Have engineer support and will construct minefields and defensive obstacles along main axis of attack

2. Mission - Attack to clear enemy forces from OBJ BEAR - be prepared to establish a hasty defense against an enemy counterattack.

3. Execution

A Team attacks to clear OBJs BEAR and PANTHER. Once OBJ BEAR is cleared of enemy forces, elements from C CO. will pass through OBJ BEAR and establish a defensive position to the north, which will allow Team A to continue its attack into OBJ Panther

3.a. Purpose - the purpose of this operation is to clear enemy forces from the area so that follow-on forces may conduct a safe passage to the north
3.b Key Tasks
    3.b.1. Clear enemy forces from OBJ BEAR
3.c End State
    3.c.1. Friendly forces are postured in a hasty defense; prepared for follow on operations
    3.c.2. OBJ BULL is cleared of enemy forces
    3.c.3. Enemy forces are defeated/destroyed - unable to interfere with follow-on forces
    3.c.4. Minimal damage to civilian infrastructure

3.d Fire Support
2x 120mm tracks available (organic)(redigeret)

4. Service & Support

Supply.     1x Supply Truck available
Medical.    1x Medical Track available
Repair.    1x repair vehicle available
Mobility.    2x plow vehicles (13 & 23)
Reserves    1x ShotKal platoon in reserve (will be called forward if tanks < 50%)

5. Command & signal

5.a. Succession of Command     A66, A11, A21, B11

5b. Signals
    Command Net        26000
    A-1            26100
    A-2            26200
    B-1            26300
    A-3            26400





A1 - Shot Kal

A2 Shot Kal

B1 - lav-25 with LMGs



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