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Thank you Gibsonm. Yes this will for sure help me.

Why mils ? or can this be changed to a working number. Just did a Search for what a Mil is, and it just made me more confused.

  1. a unit of length equal to 0.001 of an inch (0.0254 mm), used in measuring the diameter of wires.
  2. a military unit of angular measurement equal to the angle subtended by 1/6400 of a circumference.
  3. (less accurately) the angle subtended by an arc equal to 1/1000 (0.001) of the radius or distance.Perhaps

Or it a misspelling of Miles ?


if it is miles, can this be altered in pref. to KM as maps are all with 1km grids. I guess I can always get a distance from laseing the targets.


Thanks this should help a lot.




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Well you already have degrees and Mils so you already have two "working" numbers to choose from.


Definition "2" is the one that applies here, being the military definition. :)


There is a difference as Mils are a unit of measure of an angle, Miles is a unit of measure for linear distance.


Yes the distance to the target can be measured in metres (either via the Laser Range Finder or by estimation using the 1 Km grid squares).


An example of the difference is:


"Tank on a bearing of 1600 mils at a range of 2500 metres."


We use Mils because they are more precise, moving a fire mission by 10 Mils is better than moving it by 10 Degrees.


Also the angle of one Mil subtends a distance of 1m at 1,000m.


You can use this to estimate distance. 


If you know that a shed and a bridge are 10 Mils apart and the range is 1,000m, then the distance from the shed to the bridge is 10m.


Or if you know a T-72 is say 2m wide and it occupies 2mils then its 1Km away, if it occupies 4mils then its 500m away, etc.


That is a very brief overview, but it may help.


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Then we only need a protractor to use that to anything useful , like the 2 below here.


Any digital map tool today have one even radars.


Or you can do as 12Alfa does use a paper version on top of the screen, thats doable as well.


If i read your icon right your where serving in the Lifeguards and then you have learn and prolly forgot that basic learning we in denmark call them TS which is Mils in english you learned during basic that a hand was a certain number of TS some also call them "terræn streger" in danish a finger also equals so look at page 43 and on all in danish i am afraid so sorry to you english reading  out there



With a protractor you could plot it on the map and anybody else could then use the protractor to measure their mils and distance to the target so there would be no doubt about where the enemy where compare to them and where to fire the arty/Mortar.







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The "K" option takes a bit to long to load which can be a handycap.  As we know, once spotted it can be a fast kill on either side so time is a key factor in some cases.  In other words, waiting for the compass to load can get you killed.  Iam sure there´s arguments for that too though.


It´s about the only thing I asked for in the wishlist thread and all sorts of points of view popped up, but Its still my main wish...


A simple "drag pointer"/"range ring" with distance/degrees would do on map.  Sometimes zooming in on the map can throw newbies off, as when your zoomed in, the distance is larger from point A to B, so be careful with that.



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I am oldschool, I used a map, compass and terrain … for those less ... Vintage … 


Isn' t there a number of tools and graphics in a moderne Battlefield management systems which most modern western armies have, which gives equivalent tools to protractors etc?


The BMS which seem to be emulated directly in some of the more modern vehicles in SB?


And following that reasoning, should it not then be in it? 

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Modern BMS do have those tools, but someone with a map, compass and a pair of binoculars has to input the location of most of the enemy contacts at some point.  


Also, sometimes the old school is better in the modern world.  The lesson that sticks with me is coming across a US Army MP 2Lt who was lost.  The batteries in his PLGR were dead and he had not been taught to navigate with map and compass.  Nor had his driver. His Sgt was the only one in his pl who could use a map and compass and he was elsewhere with a section. I taught him to do a resection and left him to find his way to the RV.  Imagine when we fight the Soviets, er Russians next time and we need to do so under EMCON 1.

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6 hours ago, Red2112 said:

The "K" option takes a bit to long to load which can be a handycap.

Well you also spend a bit of time getting your compass out of whatever pocket / pouch / box you put it in and then once you open the lid on a prismatic compass it does take some time for the card / dial to stop spinning and for you to read the bearing.


Then of course you need to estimate the offset required to account for the magnetic interference of the vehicle and do the required mental arithmetic.


I've never seen a compass give a bearing in milliseconds. :)


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Oh, this is where reality get´s confused with simulation, and what the simulation is used for.  Really?


Never said a compass has miliseconds, but then we should also think about "true" north bearing, year of map printing, magnetic degradation and all those shanigans that I don´t even want to get into.


But to make a long story short, most of the tactics we use in MP would NEVER be applied in a real life situation.  Basically because most of us would not take half the risk we do in a MP session.


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9 minutes ago, Red2112 said:

But to make a long story short, most of the tactics we use in MP would NEVER be applied in a real life situation.  Basically because most of us would not take half the risk we do in a MP session.



I don't really want to start making judgemental calls on different VU's, but if your focus is having fun then yes you probably will do things that might be considered "tactically unsound".


Certainly entertainment is the focus of TGIF. I can't speak for Kanium. BG ANZAC tend to have a more tactically focused approach (good or bad is up to you).


I suspect it depends on your definition of "we". :)

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