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Any sims or boardgames covering the 1940 battles in Belgium ?

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Hmm, not much I could find, or that I know of...








I think you can choose Belgium in Hearts of Iron III for example, and then take it from there.  But that dosen´t mean you can actually change the outcome.  I tried that with Spain and it just didn´t work, either not enough production and/or to slow for the time-frame to be able outfit the republicans, or simply the people would go against you.  Other similar titles might work better, I just havent tried them. 


Maybe "War in the West"? But that´s 1943...


Wait for a sale, should be one soon "summer sale".  Then it´s off like 50% or more.


Another could be The Operational Art of War IV or TOAW III, both cover different time frames...




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