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so first of all Im pretty new to this game and I need some help.

When I was playing Instant Action my tank changed the ammo I was using without me telling him to.

Is there a way to disable that or not ?


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Nope.  You're locked to the gunner's seat in that scenario, and the A.I. commander is in charge.  Change, adapt, and overcome! Oh, and make sure to change your indexed ammo if you're using M1 series tanks.

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4 hours ago, MAJ_Fubar said:

Nope.  You're locked to the gunner's seat in that scenario, and the A.I. commander is in charge.

Not true. Although I believe it was in the early years; and it is still true on the gunnery range. I'm pretty sure now that in all the tanks, the default position at start of Instant Action is the commander's position. Both Gunner and Commander positions are available. (Not sure about driver).


My advice to those who want to have control of ammo selection in vehicles where that is the commander's job: Play from the commander's position.

What intrigues me is how the OP says he's being ordered to fire smoke shells at tanks. In all my years of playing every iteration of SB, I have NEVER ONCE had an AI TC order me to fire Willie Pete at anything. So I'd like to know how the OP achieved that.

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@DragonD There is no way to change this; the TC will select ammo based on target type, range, and environmental/terrain considerations. 


You can manually override the selection by switching the the Commander's position and ordering the gunner to fire with the ammo type you want, ie SABOT at a PC. 


Since you are firing smoke in instant action, I'll make the assumption that you are using the Challenger 2. There is a known issue with that tank where the Commander will select WP rounds as opposed to HESH. As stated above, you can override this selection by jumping to the Commander's position. 


Or use a different tank. :D

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