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VEC-M1 Cavalry reconnaissance vehicle, has seen action in the Balkans, Lebanon and Iraq. Favoured by their crews and command because of their good all-round capabilities, mechanical reliability, armor and firepower.
    Seen here in Standard Green and Arid Camo.
Regards Wardog











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Do you know of a good scenario for use of the VEC-M1, RG-31 and Eagle IV?  I haven´t touched the scenario editor yet, otherwise I would just add them to a homegrown scenario.  Just looking to work recon skill´s with these vehicles.



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1 hour ago, Wardog said:

Red2112 i'm not aware of one myself sure someone else will be able to help, sorry Red. I like the reconnaissance side of things in SB the VEC is a good platform and needed some Love,  :)

Yes I agree too!  Reconnaissance overall needs some care! Thanks Wardog never the less!

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