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Bad Dog


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In Standard 3 colour camo and all Green woodland 2048 dds files as per stock.


The platoon No 23 on rear will appear, but seems random also attachment at front, don't know why a real mystery, ie in a platoon of 4 1 or 2  may show correctly others seemed mixed with or without rear No and front attachment, guess will be fixed in next update, either way she's good to go.


Regards Wardog















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Anyone know who authorises upload approvals as i uploaded this file a long time back, iv'e had a lot of pm reference this skin don't know why it's not approved a couple of weeks later, guess could be my fault ref upload but i see it there awaiting approval still, anyways any help appreciated cheers   ^_^

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PM Sean and/or Homer.

This has been a recurring issue for me, as well. These guys, I'm sure, have real-life priorities that delay approvals ... and sometimes, it seems, the forum notification software fails them.


I think the issue could use some attention. Creative types can sometimes be discouraged when, after finally pulling the trigger on an upload after hours of work to get a skin or a scenario "just right" ... it doesn't appear for download to the community for days ... or weeks.


Just sayin.

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4 hours ago, Ssnake said:

Seems like it's mostly this issue, so PM is best.

Ye'h no worries Ssnake if i do anything else will PM Admin if no joy after a day or two


2 hours ago, 32Bravo said:

Love it , thank's will be using your M1A2 for sure

Glad you like her, as long as someone does then it's worth it all the best   :)


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