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HELP in Making a 2/11 ARC or a 11th ARC Emblem MP, for M1A2 and M60A2 or 3 Tanks

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Hi you all, I’m looking and in search of a EMBLEM MP for a M1A2, and a M60A2/3 Tank, downloads, or someone to designer developers who can do it. I’m willing to pay for their services... And possibly also in developing website for a vBulletin 4.2.5 version for Steel Beast Pro colors.


Can Anyone help me or direct me in the right direction PLEASE?...


Thank you all, and God Bless,

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It's a "Emblem Multiplayer" 


"Emblem" Means:

a heraldic device or symbolic object as a distinctive badge of a nation, organization, or family.
"America's national emblem, the bald eagle"

symbol, representation, token, image, figure, mark, sign: More

a thing serving as a symbolic representation of a particular quality or concept. "our child would be a dazzling emblem of our love

"MP" Means:



Yes! I am looking for a Blackhorse decal/markings for the M1A2 and M60A3 to place on the tanks

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OK, well, regarding the "multiplayer" ... SB doesn't work like that. All graphics mods are seen only on the modding user's screen. If you apply any custom skins or unit markings to your vehicles, they do not, as in some other games, transmit to other players in a multiplayer environment. Only you will see them. Other players will see the graphics they have installed on their own machines -- whether they be the stock ones or mods of their own.


There are a number of community members who are familiar with modding the decals files and might be able to help if you can be a little more precise on what you're wanting. I am one of them, but my real-world job gives me less time for SB modding these days, and I tend to limit myself to historical enhancements. I did a quick image search for 11th Cav armored vehicles and couldn't find any emblazoned with the regiment's distinctive emblem. That doesn't mean it doesn't or didn't happen ... but it leaves me short of references for how to realistically do it. Maybe you're a 2/11 ACR vet and have some ideas?


The M1A2 decals are pretty straightforward to mod for a specific unit ... although you are limited to certain areas on the tank, and the sim randomizes some of them among tanks within the platoon, which is frustrating.

The M60 is more problematic, since the unit placards on the turret are completely random. Which is very frustrating.


In both cases, one could "blank" the decals and paint desired markings directly on a chosen vehicle skin. That is, if the artist knew what you wanted. Maybe post a photo or a description of what you'd like?  If it's something make-believe, I'm probably not your guy.


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