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I think in order to be a good SB scenario designer, you also have to be a municipal traffic engineer. I was just letting a new scenario play out and the red offensive had as much trouble getting sorted on the roadways than any actual fighting going on. Sometimes I swear if you have more than two platoons on the road, they will issue the command "gaggle harch!"

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Over the past two years I have hidden a whole Brigade in the lakes and rivers around. the hideout is so perfect that they refuse to ever get out again.

While bridging can be adressed by good routeplanning, unit spacing and formation orders, the AI messes it up easily if enemies enter the AI's awareness zone. and yes, the micromanagement being so almost completely ignorrant towards even the smallest water holes, not to mention rivers, is annoying. It is one of the very, very few quarrels I have wit the sim. I don't know how often tanks in battle moved back to avoid enemy fire, and drowned themselves in that riverline 300 m behind them.

definitely a major issue on the to-do list.

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