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Hidden hostages rescue scenario

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For those wanting to have hostages that can be rescued (which excludes units on another side,) are visible to the players but do not show up on the map, attached is a little sample scenario showing one way to do so.


To keep their location a secret from the player they are set to start surrendered so they're not visible on the map until they have been rescued. If the player gets a vehicle near the appropriate location (random variable x1 used to jump hostages to one of four locations,) the hostages will become player controllable and stop being surrendered so that they can be mount into a vehicle.


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The only issue I've had with doing this is that SB still counts the surrendered unit as a unit, even though it's not on map.


For example, if you want to use a zone to "liberate" that unit then you cannot use:


Friendly forces in zone 1 > 0


This will automatically change the unit condition to fight on, since it's counting itself. Be sure to change the # of friendly forces to 1 or 2.

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