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Norway platoon ORBAT

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Hello there, I search a lot of information about norway armed forces, and it is quite difficult to find information without searching in norwegian with... norwegian results (...) but we can find a lot of good information, for example organisation of 1 infantry platoon with all duty and weapons and equipment carry by men.

 I looked for tank and armored infantry platoon (stormvagon/stormtroppen) and I find nothing, just old organisation in 80s.So maybe you can help me.

What is a norwegian tank platoon ORBAT (Leo2A4NO) and a norwegian armored/armoured infantry platoon ORBAT (CV9030NO/CV9030NOF1), how many vehicles there is, what is the duty of all personnal, their equipment, and if you have the information how work their callsign/vehicle number. About vehicle number I know that some of them use a standard 3 digit for eskadron/kompani, troppen and vehicle, but some time we can see vehicle with 3 digit + 1 letter tipically Alpha letter. 

And what is their munition naming. I found in one document these names for 120mm: NM254 IMHE-TP, NM231, NM232 and for 30mm: P-SRTA-T, TP-T, TPDS-T what are they, and how kommander call it in their vehicule, in USA for example TC say "gunner sabot tank", in norway how they say sabot for example


Thank's a lot 

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For what it's worth, during a recent exercise (Heidestürm II, a NATO VJTF exercise at GÜZ Altmark) the Telemark Battalion had one 'TROPP' of Leo's with 5 tanks.






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