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Where are my unit descriptions?


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I may be way behind, when it comes to the SB PRO upgrades info. So, I'm not surprised

that I have missed some info that was supplied with some of the updates.

 My question is, where is the detailed unit information, that use to be supplied

in the extreme lower left corner of the map screens? I'm referring to the notations that

detailed the unit type and its essential details like constituent numbers, (3 M1a1 tanks or the

number of troops), in the selected unit, along with the unit ID.

  My program software, may have been corrupted in someway, because I no long

get that information at all. That is, unless I select a unit on the F5 map, and then 

use F1 to view the unit in the 3D environment. Is there something wrong with

my SB edition, or am I missing something that is very obvious?

  Thanks to all that reply, for their assistance.:)

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Gentleman, thank you for your kind and quick responses. I should have given some info regarding

the screen resolution I am using with SB. In short, my monitor is a 32in. display. I normally use it

at its native resolution of 3843 x 2141. Apparently, because of a "floating" taskbar. I cannot see

the very lowest border of the simulation, and therefore can't see the information that I was referring to.

  The solution turns out to be, reducing the SB screen size. For example, I can see all of the info in

the lower left hand side of the lower margin, at 3562 x 1923. My entire monitor screen area can't be used,

but that is fine. I will experiment with screen size adjustments between 3843 x 2141 and 3562 x 1923.

  I'm sure that I will find a game screen size that I prefer, while getting all of the information the

simulation offers. Once again, thank you all for your assistance, and suggestions regarding my question.👍😊

"Scouts out!"50.gif "Fight smart... Move fast, and bring artillery!"50.gif 


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Gentlemen. Once again I thank your for your assistance, advice and attention, concerning my issue.

I use the floating taskbar running Win10 Pro. Normally, it is not a problem. As I said in my last "thank you".

I just leave a little space for the taskbar to appear below the SB screen, and I can see all of the unit 

info where I should. Stay well.👍😊

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