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How to search for range without Laser in ULAN


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I am trying to understand complex range finding without Laser.. so for example I put a vehicle at 1500m. Then in the ULAN with the NATO reticle I determine that is more or less 1500 (imagine I miss and set 1400m). Ok.. How do I match that distance with the reticle?

The MZ ranges in the card graphic, are 700 and 1400m if I don't remember bad. I press the GEFA button and it sets the distance to 830 to MZ.

If I put the sight in the 1400 line, then the shoot will pass over the target.

I imagined (because I didn't find anywhere explained) that those 830m is the range set as "Zero" calibration for the main gun with the MZ, so if I want to point to a 1400m target I have to look the 1400-830 = 570m. So I will need to look for a 570m calibration (something upper than the 700m KE calibration in the graphic). And that way I hit the target....


So my question is... why to set 830m and not set 0m as battlesigh default distance, so I just can target a 1400m target into the 1400 line, and I don't have to make the difference calculation? Or I am totally wrong here and I must do other way....


Would appreciate some help. Thanks!

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I'm not an ulan master by a long shot, but IIRC, as long as the fire control computer is turned on and undamaged you simply use the 'zero' aiming mark.. lay in on target, and fire (in this case the FCS will adjust the head mirror so that whatever way the range was entered the aiming mark will indicate the hit spot [at the correct range]).


However, if you turn OFF The ballistic computer, at least on the GNRs side, you should hear a little 'clunk' sound which shows the FCS disconnecting from the head mirror, which (should) go into its default position.. FROM THIS POINT ON the etched superelevations on the sight should be used (if you look through the TIS is should actually also display a changed reticle, called NOTFS)

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