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First pictures emerges of CV90 Mjölnir production vehicles


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23 hours ago, marques said:

what the hell is that? a nevelwerfer stile rocket launcher? four mortars in a row?....

No only 2.....the 2 tubes on top is used to manually reload the lower pair, which is the actual (muzzleloaded)mortar barrels. 


The Mjölner looks kind of cool and futuristic, but it really is a quite primitive system. Completely manual loading process with one loader per barrel, a manually traversed turret, limited to a firing arc of only 60 degrees in azimuth.

And as far as i can tell no integrated fire control system like most other modern vehicle based mortar systems has.  (could be wrong about that though) 


On the other hand its probably going to be reliable, cheap and easy to maintain. Plus it has a very respectable ammunition stowage capacity of 104 rounds. 


Still ... a little bit too much of a low-budget solution IMO. 

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ah! curious. I can see some advantages of having two tubes firing in parallel, although it also prevents from doing fancier mortar shooting.

the only thing I don´t get, if you have to muzzle load the mortars, ¿what´s the advantage of having them in a turret instead that in the traditional cargo compartment? Actually, that means that you have to load them completely unprotected, and furthermore, you may probably not be able to load them in many of the turret positions, isn´t it?

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