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Random Spawn location of player controlled units

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I am trying to randomize spawn location of player units within a zone but can't figure out how to do so.

What I'd like to do is : 


Mission started with 1/A spawned randomly in custom Zone 1, when 1/A is destroyed, 2/A is spawned randomly in the same zone. When 2/A is destroyed, 3/A is spawned randomly and so forth.

For now, everything works except the random spawn location. Units do spawn but only where I put them in the editor.


Am I missing something? Is the spawning ability only used for traffic?




Thank you very much


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Spawn zones are used for entirely different purposes.


You want to use a "Spawn, if..." condition (a unit propety), possibly combined with a "jump to end, if..." condition for routes leading to your desired random starting locations. IF both your Spawn and Jump condition are exclusively based on a random variable, they will be evaluated before the Planning Phase, so the player will already see the units in their starting locations. This is desirable especially for multiplayer sessions (because you can pick only units that have already been spawned).

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